Shift to a Minimalist Lifestyle

I’m a hoarder, collector, and a compulsive buyer.

I buy things for temporary happiness. I keep things because of an emotional attachment to them. I keep buying, buying, and buying because I can never find true happiness in my purchases.

I have an obsession. Not only with the act of shopping itself, but with purchasing things that make me feel prettier, richer, and more stylish than others. Fuck, saying that out loud makes me feel like a bitch. But, it’s true. I would receive an immediate satisfaction upon purchasing things I really didn’t need. That satisfaction quickly fades after I use the products. If I even use the products. I have countless amounts of purchases that are still in the original packaging, still containing the price tags.

I now feel claustrophobic surrounded by all this stuff. I have thousands of articles of clothing on hangers, in drawers, on the floor, and in my luggage, because I have run out of space in my room to put them. I feel overwhelmed being in my own home, looking at all these things.

And I feel sad, sadder than ever, that 21 years and millions of purchases later, I’m still not happy. Materialism has done nothing for me other than put me in extreme debt at such a young age.

I think I’m in that rebellion, fuck normativity phase of my life. Or, I might just be realizing what is actually important to me. Something that very few people can accomplish. I’m realizing that material goods have and can never help me achieve true happiness. I feel the most happy when I’m merely just surrounded with the people I love.  I feel the most satisfied when I’m strolling through nature, taking in the beauty and alignment of an all natural environment.

I’ve decided to make the shift to a minimal life. It will definitely take time to completely change my lifestyle, but this is a challenge I’m ready and willing to take!


2 thoughts on “Shift to a Minimalist Lifestyle

  1. I honestly can make this parallel to IG. After deleting (archiving) all my unprofessional photos, I was kind of sad. My immediate thoughts were oh, I have no typical insta fame pics, who’s going to keep following me, I don’t look hot, etc. HOWEVER, I realized those posed pics should not define me. I should be surrounded by people who want to support my intelligence, school + career success, and personal milestones.

    I truly believe that with you making a positive effort to be more minimalistic, you’ll achieve further self-growth and find more satisfaction in yourself rather than the validation from others.

    Happy for you ❤


    1. Love your comment ❤

      It’s so shocking and honestly kind of disturbing that we used to find validation and temporary happiness in things like owning excessive amounts of material goods, or even monitoring our social media accounts. Obviously change doesn’t come easy but I think we’re on the right path.

      Happy for US!!


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